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jo fletcher

sapphic romance author

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Fred Caffrey is beginning her most ambitious undertaking yet: ​overseeing the development of an iconic construction project.

Ruby Lewis is a bold and daring PR executive sent to ​collaborate.

As their contrasting approaches collide, an unexpected ​chemistry brews between them. Amidst the whirlwind of their ​professional clash, an undeniable attraction blossoms, ​weaving its way through the chaos that surrounds them.

Can they withstand the challenges that lie ahead and emerge ​stronger, both personally and professionally? Join them on ​this emotional rollercoaster as they discover the true meaning ​of partnership amidst the ever-changing landscape of their ​high-stakes endeavour.

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my debut novel

Would-be artist and romantic Elda Brown is shaken to the core when an encounter with hot-shot barrister Charlotte Mason disrupts the monotony of her daily grind.

Career-minded fixer Charlie Mason has forged a solid reputation inside the courtroom and between the sheets. She’s accustomed to inviting people into her bed rather than her head, but meeting Elda challenges her outlook.

As Elda and Charlie navigate their newfound connection, an unexpected friendship blossoms that gives them a renewed sense of purpose to confront the scars of their past.

Will Elda and Charlie, flawed and haunted by their own histories, dare to seize the opportunity for romance? Can they gather the courage to unlock their hearts and find the happiness they truly deserve?

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Get to know me

I’m jo fletcher. queer reader turned sapphic ​romance author. inspired by the real-life love ​stories of authentic women, and I try to paint ​vibrant and compelling portraits of relationships ​that culminate in happily-ever-afters. Join me on ​a journey of heart-warming and empowering ​storytelling, one page at a time.

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What are people saying?

Every now and then, a new writer’s debut novel comes along and takes my breath away. Addison M Conley, Author

I was swept along through emotional turmoil, loss, happiness, humor and all the emotions in between to finish a winning book that I really enjoyed. Valden Bush, Author

A beautifully written debut, this book transported me from dreary workplace, to Paris, to the English seaside seamlessly. Iona Kane, Author

A warning, once you start reading, it’s difficult to stop...

Helen, advanced reviewer

This was a really lovely book. I was connected and invested in the characters from the very beginning. Lou, advanced reader


Don't miss this gorgeous collection of sapphic short stories from well-known and new authors. My latest short story, Back to Back, is nestled in there among some great work.

Back to Back explores a morning in the life of childhood friends, Florence and Agnes, as they visit the old back-to-backs they grew up in.

It’s FREE to download, so get it in your TBRs and you can dip into it whenever you fancy.

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