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jo fletcher

sapphic romance author

big city alleys
Join Fred and Ruby as they navigate life love and second chances amid the brick dust A tale of romance built to last
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big city alleys


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“Perfect to curl up on ​the sofa with. I ​couldn't put it down - ​definitely a must-​read.”

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“Wow what an epic ​storyline... I loved ​the main ​characters.”

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“Hooks you from ​the start.”

my new book

Fred Caffrey is facing her biggest job yet: an iconic ​construction project. Ruby Lewis is a bold and daring PR ​exec sent to collaborate.

As they collide, an unexpected chemistry brews and an ​undeniable attraction blossoms, weaving its way through ​the chaos that surrounds them.

Can they withstand the challenges that lie ahead and ​emerge stronger, both personally and professionally? Join ​them on this emotional rollercoaster as they discover the ​true meaning of partnership amidst the ever-changing ​landscape of their high-stakes endeavour.

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My debut novel

here you are

Would-be artist and romantic Elda Brown is shaken to ​the core when an encounter with hot-shot barrister ​Charlotte Mason disrupts the monotony of her daily ​grind.

Career-minded fixer Charlie Mason has forged a solid ​reputation inside the courtroom and between the ​sheets. She’s accustomed to inviting people into her ​bed rather than her head, but meeting Elda challenges ​her outlook.

Will Elda and Charlie, flawed and haunted by their own ​histories, dare to seize the opportunity for romance? ​Can they gather the courage to unlock their hearts and ​find the happiness they truly deserve?

Sunset in Autumn Paris
Every now and then a new writer s debut novel comes along and takes my breath away Addison M Conley Author
I was swept along through emotional turmoil loss happiness humor and all the emotions in between to finish a winning book that I really enjoyed Valden Bush Author
A beautifully written debut this book transported me from dreary workplace to Paris to the English seaside seamlessly Iona Kane Author

About me

I’m Jo Fletcher. queer reader turned sapphic romance ​author. inspired by the real-life love stories of authentic ​women, and I try to paint vibrant and compelling portraits ​of relationships that culminate in happily-ever-afters. Join ​me on a journey of heart-warming and empowering ​storytelling, one page at a time.

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Free e-book

Don't miss this gorgeous collection of sapphic short stories ​from well-known and new authors. My latest short story is ​nestled in there among some great work.

Back to Back explores a morning in the life of childhood ​friends, Florence and Agnes, as they visit the old back-to-​backs they grew up in.

It’s FREE to download, so get it in your TBRs and you can dip ​into it whenever you fancy.

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